Fairy godmother

Magical Moments was founded by Ilana Friedman, the Fairy godmother and Chief Operating Fairy, in March 2004, following a traumatic event. Fairy godmother, Ilana Friedman

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For over 15 years Ilana has been involved in life and personal transformation in various domains and work spaces. Together with her husband Gavin Friedman, Founding Director of The SOAR Institute, they both have a very clear, deep and insightful understanding of the effects that childhood has on human development and adulthood. It is an interconnectedness of this in-depth learning that Ilana integrates her Vision and Philosophy into the events and interventions that she creates for the children. The benefits are immeasurable and unquantifiable at this time as the children are still young and impressionable, however, the longer term benefits and investments have the potential to transform a child’s life and impact others in the future. Ilana calls it “the Fairy Dust Effect” - in theory, similar to the butterfly effect, the concept that small causes can have large effects.

In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is a simplified metaphor based on an experiment carried out by a meteorologist named Edward Lorenz.  In simulations of weather patterns he accidentally discovered that infinitesimal changes in the starting values for air pressure led to vastly divergent weather patterns over time. The butterfly effect was then used to describe this effect, stating that there was a significant probability of a tornado in one part of the world being caused by something as seemingly insignificant as a butterfly flapping its wings in another part of the world thousands of miles away. A very small change in initial conditions had created a significantly different outcome.

Ilana is deeply passionate about personal transformation and healing, especially in children who live in the environments that she engages in, advocating for ALL Children’s Rights, especially their Right to PLAY! The value of Early Childhood Education (ECE), Early Childhood Development (ECD) and Early Childhood Learning (ECL), particularly during their most important informative and foundation phase years, should not be underestimated. We need to take play very seriously. Research shows the impact that play and early childhood has on the development of children and ultimately, the longer term effects later on in life in adulthood.

Ilana focuses and engages with children who are “unseen” and “unheard”, missing out on the most magical years of their lives, exposed to far too much violence, hatred, anger, hopelessness, hardship and difficulty during their most informative years.

She believes in magic - gifting children who live in poverty of mind, heart, body and soul with opportunities to experience the ‘Extraordinary’. To take their precious little souls on mini-vacations for a few hours in the day; to seek refuge, while they play. To just escape the harsh reality of life, and for a few magical moments, to discover a world of profound generosity - unconditional kindness, filled with love and compassion and so much gentleness.

As we look deep into their eyes, and into their souls, we open up windows to their hearts, and to ours too. Windows of opportunity. Where true transformation does take place, right before our eyes.

A real life Fairy godmother, together with a forest of Fairies, we “plant seeds for wishes to grow”. And those wishes can become dreams. And then we create a different reality and future for the children. Opening up a World of Possibilities. For us all. And for generations to follow. Where we all are alive to thrive.

Fairies (Volunteers)

A group photo of some of our fairies

Magical Moments is volunteer-driven. Our volunteers are affectionately called ‘Fairies’, as they ‘fly’ in on the day of an event to help create magical moments, bring along precious gifts of love and laughter, lightness, fun and playfulness, sprinkle our magical essence of fairy dust and fly onwards, leaving behind unconditional kindness, love, hugs & kisses, friendship and happy, playful memories, touching the children’s lives gently and magically. With a sprinkling of fairy dust, they help spread the magic …

Fairy dust and magic are metaphors for love. And they all have magical healing powers.

A Magical Fairy is a frequent flyer, flying thousands of miles for smiles. Our regular forest of Magical Fairies are dedicated, passionate, compassionate and very caring about uplifting children’s lives; through play, dedicating many years and a commitment of resources to Magical Moments. They are true to our Vision and Philosophy of gifting children with the Extraordinary and magnificence. Aspects and concepts devoid in these children’s lives.

What skills do Magical Fairies need?

Kindness, love and compassion; fun, hard-working, resilience, initiative, playfulness. Any other skills e.g. face painting, early childhood education skills, music or art skills, would be an additional bonus. Fairies are gentle, child-friendly, willing to do any kind of ‘work’ and play that may be required at an event, from washing little hands and faces to preparing and serving meals, singing, dancing, giving hugs, gentle embraces and playing games. Own transport is required and sometimes long distances are travelled. Time and energy is gifted on a voluntary basis. Fairies are rewarded with love and hugs, without financial compensation.  A smile on a child's face, an embracing hug, gurgle of laughter and shrieks of delight are the gifts that feed our soul.  Priceless.  Precious.  Worthwhile. And ever-lasting.


Fairy "rules"

Fairies don't smoke and do not use cell phones while interacting with the children. No private photographing of the children is permitted.  Fairies bring their own bottled water and specific dietary requirements.  Our priority is to take care and feed children as fairies can take care of themselves.  Fairies "feast" on love, laughter and fresh air.

What do fairies wear?

Casual, comfortable clothing.  A branded t-shirt will be given to all Fairies to wear during the duration of the event.  During inclement weather, a long-sleeved t-shirt or sweater underneath the t-shirt is required so that the Magical Moments' branding is visible for ease in identification, returnable at the end of the event. We encourage fairies to wear tiaras and fairy aerials so that the children see us as playful, fun and friendly. Wings are encouraged.

Fairy mail

Should you be interested in becoming a Fairy, please contact us by emailing dreamtime@mweb.co.za for further information or complete the following Fairy Application Form.  Fairy mail is sent out prior to each event, notifying fairies of forthcoming Magical Moments where assistance is required. For smaller events and activities, where there is a small group of children, priority is given to regular volunteers.


All volunteers accept that none of the Organisers of Magical Moments, nor any member, employee or agent of any of them, shall be in any way liable for injury, loss or damage to persons or properties sustained before, during or after an event and agree to participate on a voluntary basis with this understanding. The volunteer indemnifies the Organisers and their members, employees or agents against all and any claims, which may have been against any of them arising from any causes aforesaid.