Frequently Asked Questions

Do you operate on weekends?

No. We host events from 09h30-13h00 weekdays only, currently once a month, mostly Thursdays, depending on the theme, which varies each month. Our profile of children is predominantly aged 2-7 years, engaging in day care centres, crèches, places of safety and preschools. These places do not operate on weekends. Volunteers are required to stay for the duration of an event as we follow a programme and schedule.

Is Magical Moments an orphanage, home or a day care centre?

No. We reach out to very impoverished day care centres, preschools or places of safety throughout Johannesburg. We no longer engage with well known orphanages, homes and places of safety that are well-known in the public domain, are well-established and well-funded and receive media and celebrity exposure.

Why are volunteers called Fairies?

Magical Moments is volunteer-driven with Ilana Friedman as the Fairy godmother & Chief Operating Fairy. Our volunteers are affectionately called Fairies as they fly in, create magic, and fly onwards to other children, leaving behind ‘love, hugs & kisses’, and magical imprints in the children’s hearts and memories. Fairy dust and Magic are metaphors for Love. And we really do sprinkle our special blend of magical fairy dust – it has healing powers.

How do I apply to be a Fairy (volunteer)?

Contact us to join our regular team so that you become familiar with our Standard Operating Procedures and programme. Complete the attached Fairy Application Form. As we are engaging with children, all applications will be vetted for approval.

Do you accept food and perishables as donations and collect?

We do not have drivers, storage facilities or resources to collect and redistribute perishable foodstuffs. Gently worn clothing can be brought along to events for distribution at the end of an event.

Why do you require financial donations and not only gifts-in-kind?

We are grateful for unconditional gifting. Transport for the children to the various venues, venue hire, entertainers, party elements, jumping castles, water slides, face painters are hired, refreshments, food and party gifts are purchased new and financial donations pay for these and other educational items. These are considered a luxury for the children. For most, they have never held a crayon or painted, jumped, been on a swing, immersed their little bodies in water. Many have never had a birthday party or know what a birthday means. Donations pay for all the aspects required to host celebrations and events. A first and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Can donations of gifts-in kind be made?

Yes. We gift the children with a party packet at the end of an event. These include educational items (colouring-in book, crayons or a small chalkboard with chalk & duster), packet of fruit chutney crisps, mini packet of Marie Biscuits, fizzers, red fizz pop, chomp chocolate, small box of Smarties or packet of Jelly Tots, small box of fruit juice). Most of our events average between 40-60 children and all the children receive the same items in their gift bags. New items can be delivered to Magical Moments in advance of an event or gifted at the end of the event as part of our Farewell gifting. Other new gifts graciously accepted are small sized huggable teddy bears, balls, dolls, cars etc. No battery operated items or toys of a violent nature.

Do you provide Community Service opportunities?

Magical Moments takes the concept of community service very seriously, particularly as the organisation is fully volunteer-driven and we reach out to children in our communities honourably and mindfully. In line with our Vision, Philosophy and Ethos, we “serve” with dignity, respect and integrity, from the heart. We expect all our volunteers to do the same, including all community service learners.

Students who wish to do once-off obligatory Community Service are required to :

  1. ‘Pay for the Privilege’ – a donation of R150.00 as a minimum donation payable in advance (covers your cost to the organisation and a gift of Gratitude)
  2. Engage with high levels of integrity and interaction with the children from the beginning of an event until departure
  3. Comply with our Fairy Rules, Code of Conduct and Ethics