Real life “rags to richness” fairy tales.

By definition a fairy tale is a story (as for children) involving fantastic forces and beings (such as fairies) in which improbable events lead to a happy ending. We call our magical experiences “fairy tales” because they are the real life stories of the children’s world and our world, both a reality. They begin with Once Upon A Time in their world, and our stories end with Happily Ever After in our world.

We enhance children’s lives with pure magic and a fantastical world that they could not ever even conceive of or dream about as being possible. Due to numerous and complex cultural and economic constraints, the children are not exposed to the world of fairy tales, stories, children’s make believe, pretend play and superhero opportunities due to the absence of these resources and positive, inspiring role models that resonate with children being available to them in their environments. Through our interventions, we expose the children to people and cultures, races, religions and different belief systems that they would ordinarily never get to engage with.

Our interactions with the children are unconditional. Our fairy tales are educational and transformational, through playful interactions.

They begin in a world devoid of colourful magic and sparkle :

The children’s reality & playground

Magical Moments’ reality & playground

11th Birthday fairy tale ~
Kid E Up

12th Birthday fairy tale ~ Quatermain Hotel

13th Birthday fairy tale ~ Under the Oak Tree

Golf Day fairy tale ~ The Golf School of Excellence